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Design: Golden Rectangle

In the usual course of designing Web sites and multimedia packages, you'll need to work within a horizontal rectangle. After all, what shape is the computer screen?

Determining the best dimensions (in pixels, of course) for this rectangle requires some thought about the way your audience views your content. The majority of Web users have a monitor resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. However, their actual available viewing area is LESS than that, because their browser toolbars, buttons, etc., eat up some of the space.

I have measured the available space on my own 1024x768 monitor. I have 1008x588 pixels of available viewing space.

Rectangle, 1000 x 580
Rectangle, 906 x 560
Golden rectangle: The square
Golden rectangle: The completion

Test the 906x560 rectangle in your own Web browser. This page will center the content perfectly, thanks to CSS.

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