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Flash CS4 Notes

Getting started: Tools, panels, layers, import, publish

Notes for working with text in Flash CS4


10-Minute Tutorials

NEW: Beginner Flash Project (PDF to come soon)

Tutorial for Using Movie Clips in Flash

More free Flash tutorials

Site: Flashjournalism.com (see the list of Flash Tips)

Intermediate Skill Level

Simple Flash Project: Single SWF
This is an example of an information graphic with three very basic segments. To create it, you need to understand how to script buttons and how to use frame labels. You can download the FLA and take it apart to see how it works.

NEW: Loaded SWFs
Example files illustrate how an empty movie clip (two, in this case) can be used to load and unload as many external files as needed.

NEW: SWFObject
Learn how to use this handy Flash embed script in five minutes.

Multiple Soundslides Tutorial
This example shows how to incorporate two or more Soundslides in one custom Flash package. It includes motion and zooming animations; invisible buttons; an empty movie clip.


Managing Large Story Packages in Flash

Multi-Part Multimedia Packages

Flash and Video how-to (Flash 8 / 2006)

PowerPoint Instructional Lectures

Flash Best Practices

Controlling Sound in Flash

ActionScript for Journalists

Using Scenes in Flash

I made the PowerPoints to show in my advanced online class. Students were assigned related readings beforehand.


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